Monday, January 24, 2011

una fajita quesadilla!

I do enjoy Stephan's quesadilla maker. My lunches have become so culturally diverse!

Stephan pulled a man from a car wrecked in a gully! Well, it might not be a gully in the true sense of the word, but it was a huge drainage-run off-type ditch. Our neighbor across the street was backing his suv out of his angled driveway and, apparently, his breaks went out. We came home from church just in time to hear the crash. Stephan ran out there, no shoes, to help how he could and I called 911. (A first for me, so it was indeed a very exciting experience!) When Stephan finally cam back to where I was watching from the driveway, he told me what happened and how he asked all the medical-type questions you're trained to ask by the EMT peeps before he pulled the guy out of his car. It must have been a tricky feat, as the car was standing almost straight up on its rear bumper. Nobody worry, everyone involved was alright and Stephan hasn't been sued for anything, which apparently you can do if someone dares to help you out of a dangerous situation.

Wow, this is a really good quesadilla!

Now, I am going to do my housely duties. BSF tonight, friends! yay, God!

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