Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I had a snazzy title this morning...

... now I can't think of it. Sorry, Karen.
So, friends, in case you've been wondering what mischief Noah's been finding out he can get into, I'll show you:
Yep. That's Noah halfway under my couch. He is so close to moving forward, but for now, he is an excellent backwards-scooter. Which means that he heads the opposite way of where he wants to go and then gets frustrated. However, yesterday morning, he was rockin' on his hands and knees (another new trick of his) and he got to rockin' so fast that he launched himself forward in a frog-like leap! Poor baby landed on his face, but it was still super impressive!
Boogie boy seems to find some new sound, face, or ability to do every day. Another new sound/face he enjoys a lot, and a face that all witnessing adults think is quite hilarious, is actually an update of a face he used to make.
 I call it his sour face. He squinches up his face as seen above, then breathes heavily in and out of his nose. HUH-larius! He can also breathe like he's choking on something. I panicked when he first revealed that little jewel, but then he laughed at me, so I knew he was okay, and then he did it some more. And his NEWEST noise: smacking. (yay, mouth noises.) Stephan taught him that one, I believe.
I was going to include a SUPER adorable picture I took of nakey-baby Noah right before his bath, but I decided not to. I dunno, but something about putting naked pictures of babies/children on the internet seems wrong to me... So instead, I give you the promised picture of snow in Texas. I give you, our front yard:
Blessing and honor, glory and power be unto the Ancient of days. He shows His creativity in such obvious and magnificent ways!


  1. I love the pic of him under the couch. He looks like he's just chillin there. Like it's where he's supposed to be.