Friday, January 7, 2011


When Noah was very little, I took him outside, laid out a blanket, and let him bask in the warm sun for a little while. As I did so, I hoped that Noah would be the type of little boy who loved the great outdoors and getting dirty and stinky and whatnot. Well, today, friends, Noah showed signs of making my dreams a reality!
Stephan has been working outside all day trying to fix a problem with the massive tree in the front yard using it's roots to push over our retaining wall. Tired of being cooped up inside, I grabbed a blanket, Noah's rattle-balls, and my baby, and I went outside.
Yes, it might be early January, but here in East Texas, it's a lovely day with temperatures in the upper 60's, low 70's. Therefore, the sweatpants and socks I had on Noah were unnecessary, so they quickly came off, which was just what Noah wanted. Noah paid his safe, clean toys no mind whatsoever and instead grabbed up handful after handful of dry, crinkly grass while kicking his feet so much that he made little feet-indentions in  the dirt. It only took 6 or 7 times of me saying "No no, Noah, we don't put sticks in out mouths" for him to realize that he shouldn't put sticks in his mouth.
Finally, I gave in to the stinky-ness in Noah's diaper and took him back inside. Now he's napping peacefully and Mommy is proud as can be of her little roughian!

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