Sunday, January 9, 2011

obligatory post about snow in Texas

Gosh, I've been updating so frequently lately. My life sure has been exciting!

It is snowing. I am excited. I'm not planning on spending too much time out there in the chilly, wet, white mush, but I sure do think it's pretty. It's also kinda weird how I also posted about the last snowfall in Tyler. As with before, there will be pictures. I have to wait for my camera battery to finish charging.
Unlike before, instead of a baby in my belly, there is a baby in the johnny jump-up goin' crazy. (every once in as while I'll look at him and smile exaggeratedly and he'll respond with a fresh burst of jumps and a goofy, squealing laugh).
Well, friends, I am heating some water for some oh-so-appropriate spiced tea. There's a fire roaring in the fireplace and a football game on. I couldn't actually care less about the football game, but my husband is snuggled on the couch under our big, soft blanket and that calls for me to grab our baby and intrude in game time with family time.Yay! as previously mentioned, pictures to come, so be ready!

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