Thursday, January 20, 2011


I hate 'em. There are few, so few, things on this earth that I feel comfortable allowing myself to say I truly hate, as hate is such a strong word. Yes yes yes, I realize that hormones are a very necessary and natural part of the human life, but that doesn't meant I cannot loathe the way they make me feel. I don't act like my usual, lovable, natural self. And they make my skin get pimply. *pout*

So, friends and fellow mothers, I found a way to keep your babies from falling off beds, wedging themselves under couches, or getting themselves into some other interesting and possibly hazardous situations: I give you, my latest and possible most ingenious creation, the baby box!

 The thought process behind this ingenious invention of mine was simple; if I place a mobile infant in a constrictive pen of sorts, said mobile infant cannot roll/scoot/kinda' crawl into trouble and can play without fear. Another name I was thinking a calling it was "the pen for play". Catchy, don't cha think?

Friends, Noah is bald. Friends, this baby here is not bald. This is a baby with some hair. This sweet little nugget's name is Madison Olivia. She and her mommy, a high school friend of mine, came over to visit today. So much hair!

And now, readers, I'll leave you with what makes me happy:
*I'm not in control of my life. (praise God!)
*I don't have to fear repercussions for my shortcomings. (Praise God!)
*God loves me. (woah buddy) 
Fg. 3
*God gave me these guys! (see fg. 3)
*That guy in the picture there holding the baby, that's my husband. ('nuff said)
*Charlie's drinking from a McCallister's cup via the straw. (smart cat)
*Even though Noah bit me on the arm today, I know he loves me, 'cause he'll reach for me with his pudgy, little arms and he says "mama".
*I have some awesome friends (again, yay God!)
*All in all, I live a blessed life by the goodness of God, the Father, and the grace of Jesus, his Son, and the power of the Holy Spirit. (without God, I am nothing.)

Have a fantastic Friday, followers!


  1. Your post made me laugh out loud! You are a hoot! :)

  2. wow that baby has some BLACK hair!!