Tuesday, January 18, 2011

to blog, or not to blog

I have little to nothing to update you all on. Noah clapped for me yesterday. Noah fell off my bed while I was braiding my hair. (he's fine, but I still feel like I've failed him in some small way.) I was joyously surprised to weigh myself and see that I have not gained weight, as I had feared, but I've lost weight and am less than 5 pounds away from my pre-baby weight. Best of all, I went to BSF again last night. Isaiah's finally making sense to me now that he's not prophesying and jumping around to several points in time. As much, that is.
So it is with great joy and hope that I sign off to do my Bible study. I really want to be a better Christian. To have that deep, fulfilling relationship with Christ that I see others enjoy. There's no better way (or other way, for that matter) than to crack open the good book and read about this God I worship. So, I'M OFF!
See you next week, Bri!!

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  1. I sewed something today that is SUPER easy...and I really think that you would enjoy making one for Noah. I will post pictures later. Love you Tingaling!