Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cuteness, thy nose is orange.

Once upon a time, there was a baby boy. He was the cutest baby boy in the world! (in the eyes of his loving parents, at least)
What I said earlier about not posting nakey-baby pictures on the internet does not apply to this picture, 'cause nothing is shown that would thoroughly embarrass Noah in his teenage years.
Look at Noah! This was his first bath in the actual tub, no baby tub, no infant tub ring, no nothing. Just Noah and his giraffe and pink bowl. I originally put him in his blue baby tub, but his bo-bo was squished up against one end and his feet pressed flat against the other. So I decided, since he's sitting up so well, that it was time to give this a try. He enjoyed it quite a bit, I believe.
In other news, Noah took a phenomenal nap yesterday morning. I was the first good, long nap he's taken in weeks. This happens as I was starting to think that Noah was trying to drop his morning nap altogether. But then his afternoon nap was short, as per the past few weeks, so Mommy's still confused on the matter. It could be because his top to teeth are a thin layer of gums away from making their appearance. (Poor kid, he hurt a lot yesterday.)
Now, I must shower. We super-walked with the Marshal ladies this morning. ("power" just doesn't seem to cover the awesome-ness of our walks.) God be with you all today, but especially Ashley Johnson, 'cause she's gonna have a baby soon.


  1. He looks like a different baby in that picture. I think it's cause his head is wet so you can actually see his hair. He's not bald after all!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! :) Noah looks sooooo much like you in that picture!