Wednesday, January 26, 2011

American Idol

I am an American Idol.
Today's reading in Isaiah was about idols. When I was younger and I read about idol worshipers and their practices, I though to myself, "what idiots!" These people would worship, revere and even sacrifice offerings to things they had made. They were worshiping wood and stone. Nowadays I realize I'm a tad bit hypocritical. Those people devoted love, adoration, time, and energy to things that were definitely not God, and to think of it that way, then holy cow, I'm an idolater! On average, I usually spend more time getting ready in the morning than I do reading the Bible. I've put myself on a pedestal that belongs solely to God. I type this my friends, because it's one of the several thorns in my side that I am praying about and working on and the first step to fixing a problem is admitting you have one, right?

I'm excited! Aubrey, are you excited??
You bet I am!
Tonight, tonight! We head off to Missouri tonight! (that's why Aubrey is so excited). This trip we've been planning since December is upon us! I have the house clean, Noah packed, and Stephan's sweaters drying as I type. (It's a LOT different packing when your traveling with a baby) The only possible bummer on this trip is that yesterday Boogie-boy's nose started snufflin' and snifflin', and today it's not much better. I really really really hope and pray that it doesn't get passed around. Again.
Regardless, I have a shower to take and myself to pack. Prayers would be welcomed and appreciated for our nighttime travels. Skinnies, we will see you soon! Tylerites, we'll be back next week.



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  1. That's a good word Colette! I've been convicted of the same things as I've been doing my study. Ya'll be careful on the road! I'll pass the word to Johnsonette to stay put until your return! :)