Friday, December 31, 2010

new year news

Hello all!
Tis the eve of a new year and I am underwhelmed. I don't know if I should be excitedly anticipating the new year, but I don't really think of tomorrow as anything more than tomorrow. My dear friends Rachel is hanging out with us until Sunday, so I'd like to do something super fun. However, as of 3:17, we have no definite plans. It doesn't make it any easier to plan for a fun night when you have an almost eight month-old baby whose bedtime is at 7.
Speaking of said baby, he had a HORRIBLE night's sleep the night before last. It was made worse by the presence of another sweet baby that we were trying very hard not to wake up. Noah has another cold. He couldn't breathe through his nose laying down, and we didn't want to let him cry it out, since that would just be mean and it would have woken up Lydia Marie. Stephan and I slept about for about four or five hours. I anticipate a similar night last night, but we were blessed and exuberantly surprised when he slept soundly, without waking, all night long. Thank you, glorious God.
 Well, What I do look forward to this new year is the possibilities! This time next year, Noah will be 19 months old. As if he hasn't changed enough since his introduction into this world in May, I can't imagine how much more so he will have changed by then. I dont' want to imagine. I'm going to enjoy every day I have with him this next year. I love my husband. Yay, God!
   Cheers to a new year!   

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