Monday, November 1, 2010

mommy's gotta update

Sorry for the delay, ya'll, but it as been a pretty busy weekend. I'll try to sum it up in concise, brief bullet points:
  • Friday, Noah took his second trip to the zoo! pictures to follow, but in short, it was fun!
  • Friday night, Noah did something that made me cry; he grew  tooth!
  • Saturday night was the 2nd annual Jimily Halloween bash. Stephan made some pretty sweet salt and pepper shaker costumes for us, but we weren't going to put them on until after we got there, 'cause they're pretty difficult to move around in or carry a baby in. That was an enjoyable night, indeed! (Rangers won)
    • It's a good thing we didn't wear them, 'cause nobody else over the age of 12 wore costumes. That doesn't mean I'm not going to wear costumes in the future, though, that's for certain!
  • Sunday, church was stellar, as usual, and then the Cowgirls, I mean boys, got smacked around like a gaggle of pansies. Without bothering to finish watching such a sad debacle of a game, The Du Toit family opted for a nap instead. (It was glorious) Then the Rangers lost, then I went to bed. 
  In summary, this weekend was a blast, but silly old me didn't stop to take pictures of the Halloween party, so no entertaining photos to add to this post. Sorry, world. As for tonight, BSF awaits me, and I am prepared. I know for certain that the God who created this universe is sovereign and can and does uses any means He wishes to for the advancement of His will and kingdom. Praise God that I'm not in control. That would be messy.

                                                  Zoo Pictures!

Noah was fascinated by Lydia in her carrier.  
 A brunette and a blonde with an inseperable bond. and babies. cute, cute babies!
 Mommy, "Noah, look at the white tiger!"  Noah, 'oooo, Sonic cup!'

 I love his kissable head!

 Was Noah intrigued by the country scarecrow? Neigh! He was still looking at Lydia.

 Lydia, Lydia, wherefore art thou, Lydia? Art thou hiding behind this here carrier thing? Then Lydia was all like, flippin' the bird!
oh, babies
 I have never seen this behavior in an elephant, therefore, I had to document it. My hypothesis are thus: either he was warming up for his ballet practice, deep in a pilates stretch, or, he was trying to chew on his toenails.
 And this last picture is special because this is the first picture of Noah sitting up by himself. (!!) later that day, he sprouted a tooth. My baby's growing too fast!

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