Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Well, friends, Noah has show his first sign of weakness and imperfection; He has a cold.
It's no more than a slightly runny nose and a irregular cough, but still, as a first-time mother, it is my obligation and duty to panic unnecessarily.
This post is dedicated to how cute Noah is. I give you photographic evidence:

Noah's first piggy-back ride. (footed sleeper)
 Again, the footed sleeper as well as the slightly orange nose.
 This is daddy's new toy. It's a man-trike, a tricycle for adults.
 Noah wanted that bell soooo badly.
He wouldn't look up even for a second to take a picture. And yes, Stephan is kinda in his undies.
I thank God for how wonderfully he has blessed me. Such good looking boys for me to love on!

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