Friday, November 26, 2010


I dislike being a complainer, but I hate colds, so here goes:
I HATE COLDS! I hate having a cold. I don't even like being cold.
That's enough of that.
I hope that everyone's Thanksgiving was as splendid as mine was. That would mean that everyone had a huge turn-out with all their family there (except Taylor. *frowny-face* love you, cousin!) and that there was an ostentatious amount of food, including many incredible desserts. I was surprised that not too many family pictures were taken. Yes, there were several, but usually there is at least an hour set aside for the capturing of our massive family in pictures. At least we got our immediate family's picture taken. (Christmas cards, yay!)
Now, my family is coming to our house, from where we will set off to the Christmas tree farm. yay! more pictures!

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