Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What a difference

I got to hold a sweet, day-old newborn today.
He was sound asleep and content as can be, bundled in his blankies and wearing a snug, little cap. This little baby was born a full pound and a half bigger that Noah was just six short months ago. Now Noah looked gargantuan next to that little bundle of lovin'. How (and why) do babies grow so fast?

In retrospect, if Noah had stayed a teeny newborn for longer than he did, I might have gone crazy or gotten very concerned. And, by far, I am not complaining about my baby as he is right now. On the contrary, I love how everyday he seems to find a new noise to make, or a new body part to inspect, and always, a new way to make me adore him even more.

I guess, then, that the lesson I should take away from this is that I must treasure every moment of everyday with my first child. More will come in the future, and I will get to experience newborns again, but, for now, I am going to watch my son grow with awe and wonder. And a whole lot of prayer.

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