Thursday, October 28, 2010

Here comes Halloween!

 Look who came to see us!!
The beautimus Aubrey and the adorable Lydia Skinner came to enjoy this special playdate. In fact, they were a hefty part of why this Thursday was so special. Them, and the fact that this was a small celebration of the babies' first Halloween.Costumes were a must to get into this shindig, but only for the babies and only until they got too hot or cranky in them. Thusly, the costumes lasted about long enough to take dozens of pictures. I hosted this crazy baby-bash at mi casa, and Sheryl was kind enough to supply festive cupcakes and popcorn. Darn you, Sheryl! I ate, like five or six of those crumbly, delicious mini cupcakes.

Besides mommies and babies, this week we gladly welcomed soon-to-be-mommy Ashley Johnson. Too cute! I finally got to feel Johnsonette move (a good, strong kick!), and Ashley is pretty much glowing.   
 Now on to the main focus of these special get togethers, the babies! Again, and more so than usual, Noah was the only little man there, but I'm pretty sure he didn't mind. They were dressed to the nines and looked ADORABLE! we couldn't stop smiling and laughing at their sweet little get-ups!
 Miss Madi was a ladybug.  (Notice the sweet little bows that acted at her "antenna".) We laughed about how  she looked to have put on some weight in her hips. :D
 Noah, my precious boy, was a ferocious tigger! Ashley Johnson though he had actually gained a good deal of weight, 'cause the tummy of the costume was stuffed, making him look plump, indeed!
 Miss Lydia was a fluffy, little, long-eared puppy! Lucy loved her ears. Noah liked the texture of her 'fur'. I thought she was just precious!
And last, but not least, Miss Lucy was the cutest bee you ever did see! She even had a little bee nose! 
 As previously stated, none of the costumes lasted for too long, for they were thick and warm, and none of the babies really wanted to move around in them too much. Unplanned, all the babies were wearing white onsies underneath their costumes. That was a cute surprise.
Noah always loves to play with his friends, but I think he was specially glad to see Lydia!
 (She looks very Kevin-ish in this particular picture) I was pretty pleased to see Aubrey, too. She's still pretty neat. For a mom, I guess. Further proof and reasons as to why, when Daddy Skinner's stint in Missouri is over and done, the Skinner family HAS to move back to the Tyler, Texas area. 
    See? Doesn't she look so happy to be here? yay, Texas! Go Rangers! And God bless us, everyone!


  1. I had a great time! I think Johnsonette was kicking so much because she is super excited to meet all of her wonderful friends! This was so much fun. See you tomorrow!

  2. I'm glad Aubrey and Lydia were able to join ya'll for the play date. Pictures and babies are very cute indeed.