Sunday, November 21, 2010


I have discovered something. I am a pretty social person.
sometimes.        mostly.

Blessed Sunday to you all, multitudes of readers! Church was moving, as usual, and now I am home by my lonesome because Stephan is helping somebody move. I dislike going to church by myself. I feel like half of me is missing. Well, I guess I feel that every time Stephan's not around, but it's especially noticeable at church. I hereby dedicate this post to my loving husband, the second best thing God has ever done for me.

If I had known the man that God had planned for me to marry, I would have never dated in high school, because all of those boys seem so silly when compared to my husband. I remember when I used to try to imagine who God had picked out for me. I wondered if he was someone I already knew, or someone I had never met before. I'm actually very glad it was the later. A large part of me wanted a foreign, exotic-type man. Isn't God neat? He brought Stephan from South Africa to a small church in Tyler, Texas for me to fall in love with!
By no means is my husband perfect. He is just as flawed and sinful as I. however, he really does complete me, as hokey as that sounds. He is driven, determined, a go-getter, pessimistic, realistic, and an entrepreneur extraordinaire. Whereas I am laid back, optimistic, idealistic, and not to sure of what I can accomplish. Stephan encourages (sometimes pushes) me to be better and try harder, so that I have done things that I didn't know I could. (keep an entire house clean. woah) I like to think that I have done and continue to do the same for him. Except, instead of pushing him to be more, I encourage him to enjoy life more? We go nicely together, and it's one of the things in life that assures me that God is sovereign and more than capable of running my life for me. Yay, God!!
And now, look at what we have made!

 Our little orange-nosed boy is a miracle! So much Stephan is in him! He already studies things as though he's trying to figure out how they work. And he's so handsome! (watch out, lady-babies) I am glad to see some of my qualities in him as well. (Noah's a snuggler)

So, thank you, Lord, for this family you formed. Thank you that, since before time began, you had us planned out and pieced together. I am definitely looking forward to what You have in store for us!


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