Monday, November 8, 2010

Adventures in Aqualand!

 We went to see our cousins!
Stephan and I spent the weekend in Richardson with Paul and Erin and their young 'uns. Julia and Ashton have both grown way too much since we last saw them. We originally planned in staying for two nights, but that turned into three. It was fun, because Stephan loves to see his big brother and those two are ridiculous together.   
   As the men did manly things at Paul's work, we mommies decided to do something new and exciting. We went to the aquarium!
 I thought aquarium meant that we'd be seeing lots and lots of water. Not so in Dallas! Going to the aquarium was like stepping into the rainforest!

The top levels housed trees, vines, birds, monkies, "rivers", otters, ducks, swans, and the like. Noah, Ashton and Julia were entertained, but the most exciting part of that level was when Ashton go to feed a toucan. Then, we went "underwater"
 That was the part that the babies LOVED!. There were some massive fish and turtles and even a manatee!
 Noah was amazed!
 Julia, not so much.
 After a while, Julia got antsy, so she was put into the pouch. It might have been the cutest sight ever.
Aren't they a cute family? (Minus Paul). Here we got to check out a sleeping Jaguar with half a tail and then a random troupe of Mayan dancers performed. I did get pictures, but I'm trying to save space.
The rest of the weekend was dedicated to relaxation. I definitely came home interested in visiting more aquariums. or museums. or zoos, for that matter.

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