Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My little man

Noah got an early Christmas gift from Bebe this past week: a pair of baby boxers.
Of course, Pictures were taken of my little redneck couch potato.

 Today, friends, I did something amazing. Before I got married, my mother gave me her recipe for lasagna. (my mother makes the best lasagna). Since then, I have repeatedly tried to replicate mom's delectable pasta, but have come up short. I have never gotten it just right, and I never could figure out what I was doing wrong. Then, tonight, I did it. I added more meat and sauce, I seasoned the meat and sauce more, and I made the layers thicker. The result was an delicious and hearty lasagna that will last me for a week! (maybe)
Then Stephan gave Noah a tiny jug. We've been working on the sippy cup, but this was just cute.
 I'm gonna go take a shower. later, friends!

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