Wednesday, November 17, 2010

call me Martha!

I have some super crafty and creative friends.
These friends 'o mine are amazing women that posses the abilities that I envy, mainly a flair for arts and crafts. Not the noodle necklace, paper snowflakes-type arts and crafts, I'm talking about decorating and sewing and creating with other nifty resources. SO, as this Christmas rolls around, I set a goal for myself: make my family's Christmas stockings. Stephan and I have perfectly fine store-bought stockings. The problem was, how would we find a stocking for Noah? Should we search for a look-alike, or maybe just get a cutesy, childish stocking. No! From now on, the Du Toits will have hand-made (with love) stockings for us to cherish forever! And the great thing about this plan is the foresight! Now, with every addition to the family, I can make a new stocking to match the rest of the family's. Tomorrow I plan on fetching my mother's sewing machine, which she kindly offered me when she heard of my plan. Then, I need to find the fabrics to fit the plans I have mapped out in my mind's eye. As for today, and the reason for an early post about something not that important, I give you, ladies and gentleman, my free-hand, hand-stitched trial stocking:

Yes, it's rough. Yes, it's simple. And yes, I used a bandanna and an old pillow sham to make it. STILL, I'm ridiculously proud of my little stocking. I think I'll keep it. Toby needs a stocking.
I feel so house-wifey! 

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  1. Colette! I couldn't be more proud of you! Call me if you have any sewing machine questions. I love this! Keep it up girl!