Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Excited about tomorrow!
I love the holiday season. I enjoy the festivities and the atmosphere and the smell. Yes, it may very well be a monstrously huge distraction from the reason for this whole season, but I still do enjoy it.
All this to say, the holiday season officially starts tomorrow for me. I am going to Mistletoe and Magic! a tradition dating back years and years, Mistletoe and Magic is the mothership for Christmas shoppers. It's essentially an expo for boutiques, specialty shops, and family-run-type stores from all over America. There are free samples, beautiful sights, and fantastically festive scents. I don't think I have ever actually spent money there myself, but my mom LOVES this place. In short, I'm super excited about tomorrow.
Today, Noah got to hang out with his friend Grayson.

That is special because Grayson is a rare anomaly amongst babies born this year; he, too, is a boy. Noah and Grayson are buds. And boy does Grayson LOVE the johnny jump-up.
Law and Order, SVU is coming on. I've gots to go!

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  1. so cute! Hope you have fun at Mistletoe and Magic!