Friday, November 12, 2010

MMmmmm, tuna

Tuna helper, it's what's for lunch.

Mistletoe and Magic was fun. Saw the sights, smelled the smells, ate the samples, and enjoyed the company of, first, my mother and then later, Mrs. Lindsay Hammons. My mother and I found a plethora of goodies to buy for family and each other. (mostly for Noah). But it wasn't until I went with Lindsay that I found what I truly needed from that expo... a sock monkey hat.

Of course, it was the only thing I wanted that I did not actually buy. Now, I am saddened. Maybe I can find one on the internet. Or Santa might get it for Noah for Christmas.

I love my husband. He's a good man and a keeper, indeed. When he's not enabling me to be the best mother and Godly, caring woman I can be, he's making me laugh.

And then, because I'm sure everyone is wondering about him and why I have not mentioned him in a while, I give you my cat, the slob.
apparently, Mr. Charles Fluffo Du Toit had one to many last night and couldn't make it to the bedroom. We found him downed in the hallway. Don't worry, he slept it off and now he's right as rain, if not for a bit of a headache.

Now, off to feed me baby.

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