Friday, November 19, 2010

Must remain umble

I get annoyed when people pronounce humble wrong.
Pride can sneak up on a person at random times. For instance: I just brought home my mother's sewing machine (yay!), but while I was upstairs at the shop, I found an unused computer chair. I asked mother if I could take it as well, and she said I could. So, not only did I get a sewing machine, which I need Ashley Johnson to come over and show me how to thread up, but also, I got a computer chair, the likes of which Stephan and I have been wanting for years! Now I feel cursed pride welling up inside. "Won't Stephan be so proud of me?" I think to myself as I type comfortable at the computer desk.
Forbid it, Lord, that I should boast, save in the death of Christ my God! Why on earth would I be proud of a sewing machine or a seat? I don't even know how to work that there sewing thingie yet. Let me refocus my thoughts. Yay, God! Your mercies are new every morning and you provided a beautiful day for your people to live.

I made sugar cookies last night. Now, I am handing them out to anyone and everyone who will eat them. Otherwise, I will devour them all myself. And get wider. boo.

Tomorrow, Noah and I will be receiving a visit from a friend who we have not seen since the day after Noah was born. Mrs. Reaninne and her baby girl, Claire, are coming over to visit, chat, and eat my sugar cookies. I bet Claire has gotten so big! It's crazy how it seems like a baby grows much more noticeably when you don't see it for a long stretch of time.

One last story before I sign off; I just switched Noah from his Johnny Jump-up to his exersaucer so that he could be closer to me. Now, he's trying his best to jump in the un-giving exersaucer, and the result is tragic and hilarious at the same time.

A blurry picture of how much Charlie loves Noah. (Noah's got Charlie by the scruff, and Charlie's all, like, whatev)

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