Wednesday, September 1, 2010

a quickie. (ooh la la)

Noah was taking a nap. He's been asleep for a while, so I thought I'd lay down as well, for I am sleepy. When I passed his room, he was wide awake and slurping noisily on his hands. I gave him his pasi and walked back into the living room, where I now type my update and wait for him to signal that he is ready to eat. Which will be soon.
Went for a walk this morning, accompanied by the lovely Heather and Mary Meadows Marshall. It was a good, sweaty power walk, and I felt a good deal of calories burn off. Stephan, who is lifting weights, just asked if I'd want to go for a walk when he gets done. Man, I'm healthy today. I'm glad I put on makeup...
Tomorrow is playdate day! Noah's talking now. He should be sleeping until 5:30, but I'm gonna go get him now. told you it'd be a quickie.

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