Thursday, September 2, 2010

Justin the donkey

Holy wow this weekend's a big 'un!
Noah's all like, "WAGAGALAALAA-AA" he's so excited. He even made a consonant noise! (da!)
We've got a Cowboys game, playdate, a trip to Canton w/ the in-laws, and, best of all, the Skinners will be here!
"So, why might you be going to Canton this weekend, Colette?" you all ask curiously. "Well, friends," I say in response, "Stephan surprised me yet again with a doozie of a happy surprise."
To explain why this surprise is taking place, let me backtrack to yesterday:
I told Stephan my childhood dream, which is to own a horsey. At the time I was researching what breed of horse I would like to own in my perfect dream world. Sweet Stephan chortled at my childish wish and asked what I might name it, what if it was a pony, where would I keep it, and similar questions like that. (Pudge, I would love a pony! His dad owns a farm, duh!) That night, as we watched Master Chef, Stephan was on the computer and having a conversation with his father. I heard him say "frou", which means wife, so I knew he was talking about me. When he bid his father adieu, he looked at me with his most mischievous smile and asked me if I wanted to see what might possibly be the newest member of our family. He then turned around the laptop to show me a picture of a 2-year old miniature donkey named Justin. (hehe, Justin)
Are you kidding me!!! I freaking LOVE my husband! We're waiting to hear back from the owner, who is giving Justin away for free, so it's not set in stone by any means. But just the fact that Stephan would actually DO something like that to try to fulfill a childhood dream of makes me feel so loved and adored that I could cry!
Now, friends, I am looking for a tiny saddle to fit on my possible future mini-donkey for my little baby boy to ride. PICTURES!!!!

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