Friday, September 17, 2010

you might not know this...

I am left handed.

Noah tugs happily at his rattling moose. From the hallway, Charlie the overweight cat lounges serenely, staring at nothing with up most superiority, as cats always do. My house has a fine layer of dust coating its tables and shelves. I guess I should dust today. My Bible study is completed, my child is washed, my teeth are brushed. Now all I need to do to make my day a success, besides dusting, is work out. Yup, I'm gonna hit the "wave" hard today for 35 minutes of fitness! I just have to wait for Noah to konk out for his nap.
These past two nights have been nights of fitful slumber. I don't know why, but I've been waking up a whole stinkin' lot at night and having very peculiar dreams. I think it's been the same for Stephan. All well. We woke up, that's the important part. Thank You, God, for this day!

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