Monday, September 27, 2010

blustery day

This morning Stephan pulled on a sweatshirt before heading out to work. Even inside, I can almost smell the crisp coolness that accompanies lower temperatures. After months of searing and oppressive temperatures I must say, I don't think I'm ready. Last night, I stepped outside to let in the dogs and I shivered. Shivered. I was excited and saddened at the same time. I've been urging the cooler weather to come for weeks, yet now that it's here, I want it to be just a bit warmer. Maybe a mild and sunny 72 or something. This sudden drop to the 50's is almost jarring. I'm not complaining, though it might sound like I am.I anticipate the coming months with great excitement because I get to celebrate this holiday season with a baby! Noah's going to help mommy and daddy pick out a pumpkin and bake pies and then select a Christmas tree and watch from a safe distance as it is decorated! I guess I'm just gonna have to suck it up an take the changing seasons like a big girl, because I am way to happy to let these times be ruined by a foul mood.
 I did wake up tired this morning. Today, my goals are to clean the house up, take a nap and then work out, in that order. Clean house: check. After I hit "post" I'm going to give my baby a bath and then both of us are going to snuggle down for a nap. This time, I will not be distracted by anything. I WILL NAP! (my planned naps usually don't happen for one reason or another.)
BSF tonight! yay God!

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