Tuesday, September 14, 2010


New season of Glee starts next week!!!
Last night was the premiere of BSF, my friends. This semester we study Isaiah, and I am excited! I have never done an in-depth study of that book, and it is such an important book in the Bible.
Today was the day that Noah attempted "solid" food for the first time. It was actually rice cereal, which was watered down to a liquid consistency, so it was hardly solid, but I did use a spoon and a bowl and Noah HATED it. My motherhood guru Karen Luhrs suggested adding a touch of applesauce to the cereal to make it taste less like wallpaper paste, as she called it. I would be a mess of a new mother if it weren't for Baby Wise, my slew of moral supporters, and Karen Luhrs. Thank you, Karen Luhrs.
While I'm sending out shout-outs, Ashley Johnson is super cute pregnant, Aubrey Skinner is super missed here in T-town, Texas, and if my sister ever scares me again like she did today, I will drive to Fort Worth and END HER. Now, my husband just came back in from getting our leaf-blower back from redneck neighbor and he smells a lot like gasoline. Time to get him all clean.

OH NO!!!!! Biggest loser starts next Tuesday, which is awesome, but it's on at the exact same time as Glee. stink!

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  1. I get that channel now so I WILL be watching the biggest loser this season. So that means you have to watch it too so we can talk about it.