Friday, September 10, 2010

what, it's friday already?

It's not that late, but I'm exhausted. 9:04 and momma's ready for bed. Stephan's lifting weights and I'm forcing myself to write because I know my faithful followers would be so disappointed if I went longer than three days without updating.
Noah, Noah, Noah. That baby boy is a wonder and joy, yet sometimes, I have to hand him to his daddy and take a mommy time. It's not because he's a horror or because he's crazy and cranky, It's because he's such a good baby that those times in which he IS cranky, loud, or inexplicably moody, I get, well, overwhelmed I guess? not really, but I just can't think of a word to describe it right now because I'm super sleepy. abs. Stephan just came into the living room. ABS. Oooo, back muscles, too! He just left.
Stephan told me today that if I ever cheated on him, he didn't think he could continue in our marriage because the trust would be gone forever. I told him that he doesn't have to worry, I'm never gonna cheat on him. HE'S the best looking out of the two of us, says I. I consider myself extremely blessed to have him as a loving, devoted husband. (thank You very much, God). Just a bit of a downer for you, readers. Why did I include that??
Tomorrow, we head to Dallas for Ashton Du Toit's b-day, with a "quick" stop at the Tanger outlet mall on the way. (woohoo!) As much as I should resist it, my favorite part of a stop at Tanger has ALWAYS been that chocolate specialty store. mmmmmmm, chocolate.

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