Friday, September 3, 2010

Bebe and Papa's!

Sad news, my faithful followers. My husband and I will not be getting Justin the donkey. His owner gave him to someone else, who will probably never love and cherish that donkey as much as Noah and I would have. So, friends, my childhood dream is still just as far away.
But it's okay.
Noah and I are at Bebe and Papa's house. Daddy did, indeed, get to go to the South African gathering in Rusk with his father. He will spend the night grilling, laughing, eating meat, speaking Afrikaans, and sleeping in a tent. I will spend the night munching on leftovers, possible shopping with mom, enjoying air conditioning, and hoping Noah can sleep in a new adn different environment all night long. Has anyone else ever noticed how your sweet, well behaved children will only act out when you hope he or she wont? I HOPE Noah doesn't not sleep through the night here...
Last night was a super fun bunco night. I did not have the most wins or the most loses or the most buncos, so I didn't win a prize. I could've won a prize for most mediocre. Maybe.
Tomorrow I join up with my hubby at his parents so that we can travel with them to first Monday in Canton. THE EXCITEMENT NEVER ENDS!! Speaking of exciting, teh Skinners shoudl be in East Texas by now. I already have Noah's outfit picked out for the first time he meets his baby love, the adorable miss Lydia Marie. EXCITED!!
OH MY GOSH, THE DINNER! crap. Friends, we we might be in trouble. you will be filled in later. for now, I have to call my husband urgently.

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