Monday, August 30, 2010

even bigger day!

Take me out to the ball game!
Noah Sias got to cheer for the Texas Rangers at his first baseball game! Not wanting our son to perish in the sweltering heat, we spent our day in a swanky suite at the ball park. (Not really. Well, we did sit in a suite, but we certainly didn't pay for it. Mom did. It was a gift for dad's birthday.)
In honor of this special event, our family suited up in our best Rangers' gear. Noah even wore a Ranger's onsie. Also attending the even was my sis, my bro, an uncle, a friend, and two of my dad's friends.

(aren't we cute?)
We arrived early enough to drop our stuff in the suite and then head to the Cuervo Club to get some lunch. Noah slept through that part and Uncle Justin got beer spilled in his lap. He was not pleased. When lunch was through, it was back to the suite to watch the game!
(See Noah cheer? He's all like, "yeah, go Rangers, whatever.")
Noah stayed outside in the heat and sunlight for about two innings, if that. Then he retreated to the suite where he switched laps and took a brief nap. The Rangers might have been failing outside, but inside, it was cool, quiet, and there were TOYS! As the game went on, I stepped inside to play with baby boy. Auntie Mel came in too. (she was sleepy)
Top of the ninth inning, we decided it would be prudent to beat the rush and head home. All in all, it was a successful and joyful day that Noah will never remember, 'cause he was too young. The good news is, Melissa is now to marry Josh Hamilton. (that would be super neat)

Oh goody! Noah fell asleep. I though he was gonna fight his morning nap all the way through, but he's asleep! Later, friends! I'm gonna take and hour long nap!

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