Thursday, September 23, 2010

My my, how time flies.

I mentioned in a previous post my childhood dream to own a horse, si?
I have to confess something new to you, my readers, there is another childhood dream. One that is even more fantastic and oh, so much more unobtainable. I have, for as long as I can remember, wanted to be a Disney princess. I know, I know, how has this not happened for you, you all might wonder in honest confusion. After all, I'm not terrible on the eyes (I admit humbly) and I have a great, broadway-suited singing voice as well as a boisterous stage presence. I even have most every song that has been sung by every current Disney princess trapped in my memory. Seriously. Try me, and you will be impressed with how many musical numbers I can burst into dramatically. Those that endure my presence for extended periods of time know that I have an uncanny skill of tying random words and actions into song. All in all, I think it was pretty obviously meant to be. So why has it not happened?

My goodness gracious, it's Thursday. Where'd the week go? Tomorrow, my beloved and I, as well as our progeny, will be attending our Sunday school's monthly social. Yay! I thoroughly enjoy those things. I have, however, forgotten what we signed up for. No, wait! desserts! We're to bring desserts. I remember because Stephan wanted to take fondue. We'd call it Stephan-due. (HA) We're not gonna. I'm making cookies from scratch, ya'll!  Opps, time to feed the baby. Type to ya'll later, gators!   

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  1. But another one of your dreams was to become a mommy and that dream came true. :) My dream is to move back to Tejas one wonderful, beautiful day.