Saturday, February 27, 2010


I spelled that by singing the song slowly in my head. I amaze myself sometimes...
I thought I would be at work right now, but I'm not. long story short, my boss forgot.
The good news is that I got to start that load of laundry that's been piled up a bit too tall in our bedroom and now I'm munching on lunch before I go and assist the Jimily's in moving to their new house! I'm not sure how much help I can be, I might just get in the way, but I do want to help some. Stephan's helping with the heavy lifting and furniture and junk.
I patted my son on the head for the first time yesterday. In a strange and amazingly singular experience, I sat down at work and he poked his head out of my side! I could SEE the small lump that was my baby's skull pressing out against my tummy on the upper, left hand side. So, I rubbed it and said, "well, hey there, Noah!" I have never felt more connected with the little guy inside of me!
Stephan's getting to be all doting too. It's really quite sweet!
Alright, I'm now going to finish my lunch and head out. Love one another, brethren. It's what God wants us to do.

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