Monday, February 22, 2010

You know when it's all grey and dismal outside?

While purchasing the few necessities I truly needed from Super 1 today, I noticed a sale going on: Smart Water, 5 for $5. Needless to say, I am loaded up on the smart waters...
So, yeah, the weather here in Tyler turned from sunny and pushing the upper 70's yesterday to cloudy, cold, gross and abysmal today. And then someone opened their white car door into my black car door, leaving a white streak about three or four inches long. I tell you what, little annoyances wait for the sun to go away before they happen all at once. The good news is, my boss received my two weeks notice very well. I accredit it to my clever wit and God-given writing abilities. The bad news is, yucky weather makes me not want to leave my house. Never you fear; I will still attend BSF tonight. (That's Bible Study Fellowship, readers. Just felt I had to clarify for ya'll who don't know. Ya'll.)
My husband and the father of my unborn baby boy is on his way home from a good day of workin'. Yesterday, we lit up the town registering for baby junk. It was fun. The experience made me praise God for baby showers, otherwise we probably truly wouldn't be able to afford this kid!
Well, readers, my veggies are done cookin', so I'm gonna go eat some healthiness. Enjoy your evenings, friends!

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