Wednesday, February 24, 2010

yoga hair

Yup, I am yoga-ready!
Yoga is tonight at 6:30, but I have asked my cousin to braid my hair snugly to my head in preparation for this strenuous exercise in which I partake. She ended up adding some flair to the simple braids by twisting the ends up into cute little buns. I'm going to be the belle of the mirror room! On a sweetly sad note, today is my dear, quiet yoga instructor's last yoga session before her baby comes. AWE! I should find out how far along she is...
I'm super excited, friends! There's a time coming soon in which I shall be reunited with my bestest friend and fellow pregnant lady, Aubrey! There will be a shower thrown in our honor. Or the honor of our babies, I suppose. That's swell and all, but I'm just excited to see her and give her a hug and pat her tummy! And Kevin will be there too. He'll probably get a high five, maybe a side-hug if I feel like I have missed him enough. We will see.
Here at Cedar Ridge Studios, the sun plays a huge part in our daily work lives. When it's out and shining, we do not hardly have to run the heater, which is nice. However, when it is out and shining, come 3:30 until about 4:20, it glares brilliantly through the large windows in the front of the studio. Where I sit at the reception desk, I have to wear sunglasses. I just might get a tan. That'd be neat.
Atop is a picture of me and Noah. Oh yes, that's how gorgeous 27 weeks can be if effort be put into the mix. You're welcome, world!

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