Saturday, February 20, 2010

Successful Saturday Social

Tizzy watches me closely as my fingers dance nimbly over the keyboard. My dapper mate lies comfortably on the plush couch a few feet away as two-men bobsledding entertains him. Inside my belly, our offspring has been valiantly trying to break through my diaphragm and have at my lungs since I sat down for dinner.
Dimmer was a Sunday school social, hosted by the Breedloves. Have you ever been in someone's house and left feeling inadequate in your own home's decor? Mrs. Lori Breedlove has a decorative style that combines eclectic hoarding, beautifully preserved antiques, and a lot of china in a way that is fascinating and enviable. Really makes me wish I had some sort of decorating skill.
The dinner itself was joyfully entertaining. A lot of couples came, and chips and dip were plentiful. The only thing missing were the stinking Skinners. (poignant glare!!) It's just not the same without the other pregnant lady...
Tomorrow, I have been asked to sing once again for Church, so I shall retire now. My hallway bathroom looks beautiful, and that makes me happy. Sleep well, world!

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