Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Is hosting a fiesta-themed party considered racist?

So I was reading some news on Yahoo's website and I notice a student-lead protest against racism on a University of California campus. I read more, intrigued as I was as to what form of racism was displayed in such a liberal state and on such a liberal campus, and I found that there was outrage over a Mexican-themed party thrown on campus. If this is racist, than I must apologize to everyone, for I, too, have attended a fiesta-style shindig at one point and another. In penance for such grievous sin, I have resolved to abstain from all stereo-typical get-togethers, including any gatherings at which they are serving chips and salsa and/or queso. On that note, shame on you, Tex-Mex restaurants. How racist.
On a much more joyous note, It is Wednesday!!! People, in two days, I gets to see my Bri-Bri!
Saturday promises to be much fun, what with baby shower brunches and friendly get togethers. (Sans the salsa). Also, tomorrow, Thursday, I am hosting the Sylvania ladies' bunco game night at my house.
Friends, I have noticed something; when plans have been made that involve my house and people coming to it, as well made and far in advance as these plans may be, the stress level for Colette and Stephan Du Toit seems to sky-rocket. I'm sure everyone who cares the least bit about public opinion and appearance like to think that people will approve, if not be impressed with their house. But when those rare occurrences swing around in which people that I'm not very closely acquainted with come into my abode, I get a little nauseous with anticipation. That might be why I don't host more large get-togethers. Stephan's even worse, bless his hard-working heart. Gosh, I stinking LOVE THAT MAN!
So if I can be selfish for a moment and ask anything of you, my dear readers, it would be that you pray for peace and perseverance for myself and my husband. I know that, come next week, once all the events have passed, all will be normal and good.
To God be all the glory, amen!

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