Thursday, February 11, 2010


I see the irony in my last post and it prompted me to post earlier than I originally planned. You see, it is actually snowing here. Well, it was snowing. Now it's more like a rainy/sleety precipitation, but it DID snow last night and early this morning! It snowed enough to coat the ground pretty thoroughly. The rain and sleet mess is making quick work of cleaning up the beautiful, white coat of winter wonder-fluff, yet for a few hours this morning, my two mountain dogs got to experience a taste of what life might be like if they lived in a climate more suitable for their thick fur coats. Toby ignored it and Roxy avoided stepping in it. They are a shame to the Pyrenees mounts.
This morning, I have successfully rigged up a candle and a warming bowl to melt down a lump of wax from a candle I bought a year ago. I held on to the excess wax in hopes of one day milking every last drop of scented goodness from it, for I LOVE that scent and they no longer sell that specific candle at the Potpourri House. My house currently smells so wonderful, I could sleep longer.
BUT NO! Instead, I get to play with bride-to-be Rachel Venable's hair today! we're going to see how well her hair can hold curl, since she swears it absolutely cannot. Stephan needs the computer now, so I'm logging off. PEACE!

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