Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My cat is jealous of my tummy

Even Stephan has noticed how clingy and needy my female cat, Tizzy, has become. If I am sitting or reclining in any manner, that cat is on me like white on chalk. or rice. maybe snow...
Friends, (in case more than one person is actually reading this...) for the past week or so, I was stricken with a cold of epic proportions. My loving husband tried hard not to infect me with his, but it's tough to avoid a person if you sleep together. God be praised, I never actually ran a fever, but for the duration of my birthday weekend, I hated my nasal passages. Sleep was near impossible. My husband was super sweet and caring throughout the duration of it all, and I appreciate him in a way that he will probably never fully understand.
Now it's Wednesday! I feel much better, I have slept very well these past two nights, and my sister is in town. She brought Walter! WALTER! I love that pup! It is also my cousin Hannah's birthday, so in honor of the occasion, I will be forgoing yoga at the gym for a birthday celebration. But I promise you this, America, I AM going to try harder to be healthier. That means more gym time, more healthy foods, and less...umm... unhealthy food. For my baby and for my hubby, I pledge to be a healthy mommy. (Lord give me strength!)
Peace and love and whatnot!

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