Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Watch out for blizzards!!

Oh victory in Jesus my savior forever!
I thought I'd open with a line of encouragement for all my multitudes of readers. Victory attained. No work needed on our part except to love Him and be loved by Him. You're welcome, Christians!
I'm working for the man today. And by the man, I mean my loving mommy. My day started off pretty well when a walk-in came in and asked if there was an opening and then immediately complimented me on my hair. Call me vain, but I can't help it, it makes me happy!
There's a blizzard assailing the north-eastern coast of our country at this very moment. I know this because the weather channel is on. Watch out, Billy Yank!
In case you have not deduced, I am indeed quite bored at work. I think I might run those errands for mi madre now. It will enable me to snag a lunch and a V8 while I'm out and about.
I think I might have experienced my first Braxton Hicks contraction last night. It woke me up and was not too comfortable. For the first time, I seriously contemplated what the real deal might be like... oooo, nelly.
I'm off to run chores! Enjoy my postings, friends. And tonight, yoga!

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