Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow days in East Texas are just unnatural.

That's correct. I have no work today thanks to about 4-7 inches of snow that has mostly been turned into slush in the streets by now. My back yard is a mess of muddy snow because my dogs finally decided to give snow a chance and they decided that they LOVE it. I tried to take pictures of them frollicking around, but they sense cameras like a Florey. I, myself, stepped outside to sample east Texas snow. It was very moist and easy to pack into a ball. That explains why there's a surprisingly large snowman in a neighbor's yard. I simply nailed a tree in my front yard with a snowball and called it a day.

Whereas I have no wish to be out there driving around in this slush, (Tyler drivers are bad enough on dry roads and worse on wet roads, I can only imagine what they're like on slushy roads) I DO wish to go buy me a new broom. My floors are icky and the swiffer is only effective on hard wood floors, not really on tile.

Well, I was planning on going to work today. since there is no work, I have done laundry, vaccumed, completed today's BSF assaignment, done more laundry, waddled through snow a little, eaten a healthy lunch (full serving of fruits and veggies, people!!) and dusted. It's 12:31. I'm bored.

I do not wish to complain. After all, These lazy days are soon to be a thing of the past. Plus, I guess I could get in a super nap. Here I come, bedroom!!

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