Sunday, February 14, 2010

V8 makes me feel like I'm healthy

Happy Valentines Day, friends!
My Valentine and I agreed a few days back that this "holiday" is a sham of a holiday invented by card and flower companies to drain the last bit of money out of men's wallets at the conclusion of holiday season. Therefore, neither he, nor I, will be purchasing any gifts or sweets for each other. Instead, we will love each other like we do every other day of the year; sweetly and with patients and understanding. Stephan started the day off right by emptying the kitty litter box. Gosh, I love that guy!
Currently, Stephan is finishing a tile job in some cell-phone reception hating part of East Texas and I am planing on taking a restful nap until further notice. All the snow is gone and the house is clean, so there is nothing to keep me from wasting my day in slumber. We even finished off all 7 seasons of Scrubs that we borrowed from Paul and Erin. It's like God is saying, "See, I have made a special day reserved strictly for rest. Enjoy my graciousness, My child."
Thank You, God.

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