Friday, February 5, 2010

Be careful how you chew your nails.

Stupid hangnail make my bleed.
Why hello there! It is Friday, the weekend has arrived, and I don't know what to do with it. I certainly have to clean my house, but that should only take a few hours at most.
Today, I got to love on a three month old baby girl. She's a foster child of a family that came into Snug as a Bug, where I work. I got to hear a little back story on her. It breaks my hearts and makes me so angry that people would do such undeserved things to such innocent babies. This little girl was so happy! I hugged her. She had fat little cheeks and barely any hair, so I suggested a headband/hair bow combo. I get to have one of those!!!!! Except a boy.
Dang, I hate it when my house is dirty and I cant fix it. It wears at my brain all day.! The good news is; for the first time ever, I have successfully teased my hair into a stylish bump. I'm so proud of me!
Well, I'm running out of stuff to write about. SIGNING OFF!

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