Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ahhh... morning breath.

It is morning, birds are singing, and Stephan is yucky sick. Bless his weary heart, he had a horrible night's rest due to the nasty stuffy-ness that plagues every victim of a heinous cold. Therefore, i see that the only merciful thing to do would be to leave him in bed and allow him to 'sleep' as much as possible.
As for me, this day calls for responsibility! I am off of work, both works, and the old, lazy, unmarried me would take this opportunity to do whatever I could do to not do anything. But oh no, not responsible, soon-to-be-a-mother Colette! She has already scheduled a grooming appointment for her mother's poodle, clean the mess Stephan made by eating in his sleep last night, and is compiling a list of what else she can accomplish today. (grocery shopping being the most pressing item on her agenda.)
Speaking of mother-to-be stuff, I had a dream last night that I gave birth to a baby boy with a lot of dark brown hair. weird...
Today's hard work shall be rewarded with a cool-down period and The Biggest Loser. Boy am I hungry. I'm off to the grocery store, friends!

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