Saturday, January 21, 2012


I have kinda jogged a mile every day this past week. Monday through Friday, I and my accountability partner/bestest friend Aubrey, jogged/walked a mile on three different tracks. I realize that this may not be that big of a deal to all you healthy folks out there who run miles regularly, but to a cardio-hater such as myself, I see this as a fantastic beginning to a glorious path to healthiness and skinniness.
  Meanwhile, back at the house:
 If you keep an energetic toddler cooped up too long, they start doing weird things. Things like yoga poses under the dinning room table, or climbing on things that they have never climbed onto before. That is another reason why I'm glad I've committed to this fitness regiment I am doing: it gives me reason to get Noah out of the house to hopefully burn of some energy. I love my little nutter-butter.
    This next picture contains the three things I love most (that can be captured on camera).    
 That right there is my handsome husband and his two mini-me's. (I tell people that maybe someday I'll get to give birth to a child that looks at least a little bit like me). I'm glad to report that Noah has started to show signs of being completely adjusted to having a new baby in the house. His naps and bed time have returned to normal, meaning he gets in bed and goes to sleep without trying to come out of his room time after time, much to the annoyance of his parents; and his attitude towards his brother is so loving and full of concern that our only problem now is making sure he doesn't harm Witten in his efforts to snuggle him.
   Well, friends, I fear that I've boasted too much. I know I should be bragging on nothing but my weakness, as Paul said, especially since everything I have is a blessed gift from God and not at all the result of my doing. Therefore, I shall continue to give mad props where it is due: to my heavenly Father, His Son, and the Holy Spirit. Thank You, God, for all of it.

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