Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sweat is gross

So, the part of my plan to jog my way to health that I knew would happen and that I was dreading has happened. I now remember why I hate jogging folks: it's because I hate jogging. There is no reason beyond that. I wish I eagerly looked forward to me, my running shoes and the road, but honestly, I have to pray myself up to the task now. (Praying works better than trying to talk myself into it, I have found.)
  Sadly, though part of me is wildly overjoyed (the lazy part of me), I have been advised by my doctor to hold off on jogging and abdominal exercises until my 6 week check up. She said go walking and do keigels. Kiegles? Keigles? Apparently, I and my computer don't know how to spell that. Anyways, I shall now be walking briskly in attempt to train up to a 10k in less than 10 weeks. That is a little bit worrisome for me. Oh well, I'll live.

   Anywho, I have to shower. The tricky part is, finding a time that I can take a shower without leaving one or both boys unattended. Good news, though! Stephan fixed the fridge. Now we don't have to buy a new one! Gosh, that guy is handy.

    Peace and joy to you, my brethren.

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