Friday, January 13, 2012

Jumbo Spaghetti and Meatballs

My hands are still itchy and dry.
 I know how badly you all want to see as much of Witten as possible, but the last few times I've experienced Kodak moments I've only had my cell phone handy which means that I have to text any pictures taken to Stephan who then e-mails them to me so I can download them to the computer so I can upload them to my blog. Yeah.
 Anyways, These are too sweet not to share, so here are a few pictures of how much Noah loves his baby brother Witten:
Lovin' on his bro. Sweet sibling hugs!

At first, he was biting his hand, but after a sharp warning from mommy, it turned to kisses.

He wanted to share his football.

Then Noah started to count fingers.
  Yes, friends, more and more am I seeing Noah not only acknowledge Witten's existence, but also show real affection for him. For instance: every time I change Witten, be it his diaper of his clothes, he cries. (He hates being any kind of naked). And every time Witten cries from his changing table, no matter where Noah is in the house, he stops what he's doing, runs into the nursery, climbs onto the side of the changing table and says "crying!" while trying to pat Witten reassuringly. It is adorable! 
   On the other hand, there has been some hints of regression:    
 No, not really. Noah just loves this old bouncy seat. So does Lydia and pretty much any other toddler that comes into our house. Besides Noah's love of baby toys, the only notable difference in his attitude and actions is that he now LOVES his daddy so much more than mommy. It's cute and yet sad.
  Friends, I'm excited. A sweet woman in my Sunday school group has sent out an email inviting anyone who wants to to join her in an upcoming 10K. As I have already pledged myself to running a 10K, I eagerly expressed my interest in signing up. I will keep you all informed in how that goes.
  On a related note, please pray for me. This is definitely going to take self-discipline, a character quality that I sadly lack.
   Be blessed, friends and readers!

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