Monday, January 30, 2012

My My, how time flies

Does anybody else feel like they just graduated high school, like, two years ago?
  Very often I feel like I'm still a teenager. Not in the irresponsible, immature way, but in the young way, you know? If that doesn't make any sense, then clearly, you don't know.
I say this because as of yesterday, I am 24 years old. Still early 20's, but a year older than I was. I'm not upset about it. That will most likely come later, around my 29th birthday or so. It's just, I don't know, surreal, I guess. 24 years old, married with 2 kids, I'm living my dream!
 Speaking of birthdays, mine was awesome! On Saturday, Stephan and I left our young'uns with Bebe and Papa and we went on a super fun date. I tell you what, friends, it was almost like we were dating again. Dinner was full of laughing and talking, just like when Stephan and I first met and were in that infatuation stage that kicks off every good romance. After eating delicious food, Stephan took me to look at wedding bands! (long story short- I never got one, so since this year is our 5-year anniversary, Stephan's buying me one!) We topped off the night with frozen yogurt from Toppings. (*Warning!* putting skittles on frozen yogurt is a bad idea and a hazard! It's like biting into tiny jawbreakers.)
  Then on Sunday, my actual day of birth, Stephan took me to see Beauty and the Beast in 3d, where we snuck in Whataburger for lunch. That night, we enjoyed a yummy home-cooked meal by my momma and ate cake. It was a good weekend, friends!
  Oh yeah, I got some gifts.
   Stephan bought me some beautiful flowers.
 Mommy got me a new scentsy with a lovely new fragrance to go with.
 and the Tracys got me this!! It's the greatest movie musical of  all time. If you claim you love musicals, and you have not seen/ do not like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, then you are a liar, and the truth is not in you. My sister surprised me by driving in for my birthday, so today, if she's not sickly, she's going to come over and we are watching this bad boy!
  I composed this whole post one-handed. Be impressed!

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