Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cabin Fever!

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Fellow stay at home mothers, you can probably sympathize.
This past week, for some reason or another, I have felt more and more stir-crazy. Now don't misjudge me, please; I love my house and my boys and my husband and I thank God that I get to stay at home with my brood and nurture them as their primary care giver. It's just that, with the weather alternating between warm and wonderful and cold and dismal, along with my wishy-washy hormones throwing tantrums in my system, I have felt more cooped up than usual. As a result of that, I'm more irritable than usual. Also as a result of spending most of our days indoors, Noah has been more...hmmm, how to say this rightly,... underfoot than usual? It could be that I'm being hyper-sensitive, but it does seem like Noah is trying to push my buttons sometimes.
  The great news is that Witten has started to fall nicely into the eat-play-sleep cycle that I've been gently encouraging. Though I have been more lax on enforcing the Baby Wise method on Witten than I was with Noah, I am definitely still sticking to it. And so far, it's working great! Witten probably would sleep trough the night from his 10:00 p.m. feeding til his 7:00 am feeding if I let him. Just to be safe, though, I'm still waking him around 3 in the morning to ensure he doesn't go longer than 5 hours without eating. (Dr.'s orders). That probably wont last much longer, though. Those super early morning feedings are getting harder and harder. Besides that, Witten is eating every three hours throughout the day and he is becoming more and more alert as the days go by. Once again, I watch and cheer as he shows signs of growing, yet I am already saddened by it, too. Sure, no one ever said that motherhood would be easy, but they never told me it would often be sad!
   Now, friends, in an effort to cheer myself up, I'm going to get dress and maybe do my hair and put on makeup. Tonight, in honor of my birthday tomorrow, my hunky hubby is treating me to a romantic date (YAY!) for which I get to dress up and look pretty! Not only that, but my momma's gonna do my hair all fancy this afternoon. Hurry on by, morning, so that I can enjoy my afternoon!
   God bless you, dear readers. He is good indeed!

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