Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sweet Baby Mine

*ba da da*

Witten has smoothly and easily found his place in our home. As the new baby brother, he is perfect for helping big brother Noah review the anatomy of the face (eyes, ears, nose, cheeks, etc...), as little baby, he's perfect for snuggling and loving on. As he is less than a week old, he still sleeps a majority of the day. He has "awake" time twice a day at the most. I remember this with Noah. I remember being bored because newborns are so boring, and I also remember then feeling bad about feeling bored because that must have meant I was a bad mother for not cherishing every single moment spent with my baby.
Why hello there.
   Friends, that is one of the joys of being a second-time mother. Most, though certainly not all, of the worries and unknowns of having a newborn have diminished, if not gone away entirely. I can comfortably let Witten sleep undisturbed in his crib/bassinet/swing without feeling like I should be holding him or else I'm neglecting him. I don't jump up the second he starts to fuss a little in order to make sure that he's okay. Feeding is still a tad bothersome, but that's mainly because I want to make sure he's getting enough. (He'd sleep forever if I'd let him.) I look forward to the time when he starts to be more aware and responsive, but for sure I am not rushing it. I fear that with Noah I wished away his infancy, always eagerly awaiting the next stage when, surely, he would be easier to handle. This time, I can already tell it's different. I relish every moment I get to snuggle my sleeping baby. I love that he's so tiny. No hurry, Witten. You can take your time growing up.
Can I be any more blessed?
   Noah just said "all better" after his daddy kissed a boo-boo and said "all better". That was adorable!

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