Thursday, April 1, 2010


I sincerely wish to take a nap. I would lay my head down and be off into a blissful slumber within a heart's beat right this very minute, except I have to go pick up my dress from getting altered at Grandma's at 2:00. So, instead, I'm writing all my numerous readers to let them know how life has been in the past two days.
. . .
Yup. That exciting. The most excitement I've experienced has been in my tummy. People tell me that I have grown overnight or that I get bigger every time they see me. I certainly hope so! My son's due to arrive in less than 2 months!! I want him to be big and healthy.
So, my past week has been slow, both at work and at home, but my April looks nice and busy. Two baby showers, two doctor appointments, a photo shoot with my professional-type cousin, Kayla, and then, last but certainly not least; VACATION!! Let me quickly calculate- I am currently 32 weeks pregnant. Stephan's family vacation kicks off on the 22nd of April. If it's the first right now, then that means I will be traveling 5 or 6 hours in a car at 35 weeks of pregnancy. Oh, saints preserve us! But seriously, I'm super excited.
I shall include a picture of pregnant me, for all you loyal viewers to gawk at in amazement.

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