Monday, April 19, 2010

woo, tired

Ladies and Gentlemen, aside from a glider that I have bookmarked on my computer but yet to own, my baby's nursery is completed! I have curtains, valence, and shelves, and all my shelves are stocked and organized as best as I think they'll be reached for. After spending the morning at Babys'r'us and then the next hour or two completing the organization process, I am very tired. Hence, I am now lying on my comfy couch and telling the world about how excited I am!
Heck, I even got my diaper bag partially packed with a few newborn diapies, wipies, these nifty diaper-disposable bags that my mother-in-law found for me, and a burp rag that would not fit in the basket under the changing table with the rest of the burp rags.
Now I have to pack. Not anytime soon, because right now is lazy time, but later today or maybe tomorrow I am going to pack my hospital stay bag! Also, I'm going to pack for the more imminent departure to THE BEACH! (if my doctor tells me that I can go when I see her Tuesday...) Again, I am super excited about both! Now I'm sleepy and my eyes are burning, so I'm going to turn lazy time into nap time.

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